Our Story


OliKo (aw-lee-co) Ginger Beer was formed in 2016 by Gabriel Oliver-Kose as a means to find a better non-alcoholic sipper and cocktail mixer. After working in the Boulder/Denver dining and bar scene for many years, Gabe decided to create a more natural ginger beer.


OliKo goes back to the “roots” of ginger beer, using a method of natural fermentation to create wild flavors and nutrient rich ingredients. Our ginger vinegar culture, which is the base to OliKo, is a 4 year old ginger SCOBY named “Jude.” Using this acidified, non alcoholic base, we then blend it with fresh, cold pressed ginger juice and cane sugar. The resulting mixture is tangy, spicy, refreshing and crisp.


This is a small, cottage industry business run by a Boulder native. We hand make and bottle every unit we produce. Our top priority is to provide an excellent product to its most important patron, you the consumer.


Our Ginger Beer is non-alcoholic, and cultured with living organisms. We recommend keeping it refrigerated at all times to insure the highest quality is maintained.


Enjoy, live well and STAY SPICY!