our Story and MIssion

OliKo (aw-lee-co) was formed in 2017 by Boulder native Gabriel Oliver-Kose. After many years working in the Boulder/Denver dining and bar scene, he decided to put his love for fermentation into creating the OliKo brand. 

Our mission is to bring to the community an assortment of beverages using fresh ingredients, fun fermentation techniques and innovative flavor combinations. We aim to be a go-to for alternative soda seekers and cocktail enthusiasts.

Our Ginger Beer Roots

Our flagship product takes its inspiration from the roots of Ginger Beer. Originally created during the colonial spice trade, Ginger Beer was brewed using a colony of bacteria and yeast called a SCOBY. Though most producers have decided to discard this method, opting for ginger extract, high sugar content and other additives, we’ve kept to tradition to bring you a natural beverage filled with robust spice, bright acid and just the right amount of sweetness.

Our Ginger Beer is non-alcoholic, hand-made in small batches and cultured with living organisms. Therefore, it should be kept refrigerated when storing to maintain quality and freshness.

enjoy, Shake Well and STAY SPICY