Apart from being a fantastic sipper, OliKo can be used in a variety of cocktails to add acidity, sweetness and of course SPICE. 

Check out the recipes below for a few ideas.


The Canary Lives

1.5 ounces White Rum (Plantation 3 Star)
0.75 ounces Lemon Juice
0.5 ounces Bougie Syrups Orgeat
0.25 ounces St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram

Shake briefly, strain over ice and top with OliKo Ginger Beer.

Garnish gayly with edible flowers.

Thanks to Brandon Brough for the recipe

Dark and Stormy

1.5 ounces Dark Rum (Amrut Old Port)

Fill a Collins glass with crushed ice. Fill almost to the top with OliKo Ginger Beer and float the Dark Rum on top.

Garnish with Mint, Lime Wheel or Purple Basil.




Feature presentation

2 ounces Pisco (Campo de Encanto Moscatel Pisco)
0.5 ounces Lime Juice
0.5 ounces Hibiscus/Hop syrup*
2 dashes Rose Water

Strain into a chilled Coupe and top with OliKo Ginger Beer.

*Weigh equal parts sugar and water into a pot. Bring to a simmer and add equal parts dried hibiscus and hops (2-3 grams.) Let steep for 5 minutes, strain and let chill.