Does OliKo Contain Alcohol?

Our Ginger Beer is made with a proprietary cultured ginger vinegar. This vinegar is non alcoholic, nutrient rich, and full of ginger flavor. We recommend keeping it refrigerated at all times prior to drinking to insure it maintains its quality and freshness.

Do we ship our ginger beer?

Yes we do! We offer flat rate, cold box, shipping in the continental United States. Please email with inquiry for more information.

How long Does oliko Ginger Beer last?

OliKo is made with only the freshest cold pressed ginger juice. We recommend enjoying before the “sell by” date printed on the cap or 3 months after the bottling date.

Why isn’t OliKo ginger beer sold outside the denver metro area?

We are a small, Boulder based business. We produce in small batches that are personally delivered to our retail accounts.

We hope to expand in the near future, possibly to a store near you.