What's G Drinking Vol.1 E.2

On this weeks episode G will be making and drinking our Chai recipe.

Prakash Chai

I grew up eating a lot of Indian food. This was due to my father, Raj, being raised in Indian for 18 years. Raj taught me to cook the Indian recipes he brought back with him, showing me all the little tricks to making the perfect Curries. He also taught me how to make the “classic” chai he would so often drink. As he made me my fist chai he told me the stories of how he and his family would travel by train through the Indian countryside. The cramped and often “wild” conditions of those train rides would make me imagine he was in the “wild west” where there was no law and the passengers were free to roam where they pleased, even on to the roof. “Look out! Tunnel ahead!” As we sipped our hot beverage, Raj told me that they would buy chai from vendors at the train stops. Made simply with milk, black tea, sugar, green cardamom and coriander, it would be served in a small clay cup. When you were finished, simply smash the cup on the ground and be on your way. Now that’s eco friendly.

This chai recipe is a spin off of what my father taught me. It embodies my childhood while embracing my newer passions as an adult. Hop you enjoy and remember to Stay Spicy…

Recipe (makes 2 mugs)

1.5 cups Almond Milk (can use regular milk as well)

1.5 cups OliKo Ginger Beer

1/4 cup Black Tea (preferably loose leaf. Use more if you want it stronger.)

2 Green Cardamom Pods

10 Coriander seeds

1 tsp. Honey

Crush the Cardamom and Coriander in a bowl or Mortar and Pestel. Add all ingredients to pot and slowly bring to a simmer. Once hot, strain liquid into mugs. Server with grated Cinnamon or Lemon twists.

Note: When you add the ginger beer and milk/almond milk, there may be separation due to the acidity in the ginger beer. This is normal and does not affected quality or outcome.

Gabriel Oliver-Kose